I am a sensitive and am part of a group of sensitives. We conduct paranormal investigations. We have been together as a team for 2 years and up until recently the recordings we got friendly. As of late it seems the spirits know us and are expecting us. The evp’s we have captured are not nice, push them, touch them, kill them, etc. We drink holy water in spring water for three days before an investigation and also pray before entering the site. Are concern is how and why are the spirits getting this way and how do we protect ourselves. Any help would be greatly appreciated.  -Amanda

Greetings Amanda: Someone in your group is not compatible with the others. You must find out what is going on with each member and help them fix whatever is happening. Remember that you are dealing with the spiritual and those that reside in it know your thoughts. You must establish some rules.

1. Keep all personal relationships out of what happens during investigations.
2. Anyone not feeling well, or going through emotional turmoil must never be present at an investigation.
3. All arguments must be settled before beginning an investigation, and if it cannot be fully settled, both parties must be expelled from attending.
4. You may never under any circumstances challenge the spiritual world. I don’t care what you saw on television. You would surely be inviting disaster.
5. and finally five. Make sure that NO ONE!!! Under any circumstances is on drugs, or has been drinking, and yes marijuana is a drug.

Clean you equipment after each investigation, and remember that sensationalism is insulting to the spiritual world. Respect is always in order. Follow these tenets and the hostility will abate. If you need further assistance I am at your disposal. Peace.

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