Me and my ex-boyfriend were in love. Not long ago one of my ex friends from a while ago moved to my town. She was jealous of us and she said that she was going to get him back for not wanting to be with her. He had sex with her when we broke up and he started telling me that when he was with her his mind was completly blank and he couldnt think about anything. My mom told me that her mom had family that are or were involved with witchery but i dont know. I really want to know if thats whats wrong. And by the way she had a kid and says its his i want to know if that true? Did she do something to him and if so what can i do to help?


Greetings: Listen. There is no spell involved here. This is a classic case of someone making bad decisions. You need to walk away from this guy, and not listen to such lame excuses and attempts to make it seem as if there is some reason other than he wanted to sleep with her. If he has a child with her then to be involved with him is to be involved with her. I’m sorry things did nor work out, but I think you were more in love with him than he was with you. As for her, if she was angry with him it was because he made her feel as if there was a chance and then jilted her. Please try to see the truth here. If I detected witch craft I would tell you. It was something else. Peace.

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