I hope you could help me understand this

1.-two nights ago I went to bed about 1 am, normally it always take me about 1 hour to fall completely sleep but as I change my position and kiss my hubbie good night I did shut my eyes and like 3 min. after I feel someone poking my arm 3 times, I thought it was my kid so I woke up and went to her room she was completely asleep.

2.- 2 nights after the poking, I was working late in my computer in the dinning table and about the same 1:20 am I start hearing jingle bells sounds next to me. I shut the volume from my lap before start working cause my family was sleeping and the first time I did hear it i check over and under, around the lap, table and nothing I freaked out; then the second time came that’s when I turn off everything and went to bed.

I told my husband about it his answer was.. you are losing it

Please I would like to know too many why’s


Greetings: I’m not entirely sure what you are asking.
If you are asking why you are experiencing what you have, there could be many reasons.
If you are asking why these things exist, again there are many reasons.
I would be happy to answer any direct questions, but it sounds like there is someone trying to contact you. Please think about it and then ask your question. Peace.

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