My question is, are the use of tarot cards and ouija boards really dangerous? And why and how so? I own a tarot deck and have tried it a few times but have not done a reading in close to five years now and am thinking of trying it again. But before doing so, I would like to ask if there are any dangers to using this, especially to your soul? And on the same note, are ouija boards also dangerous (though I have never tried it)? Thank you for your time and information.


Greetings: I do not believe that the use of the Tarot is dangerous, however. The Ouija is extremely dangerous and should not be used in any way shape or form. The board is a contract with the astral realm, and and those that live within and the trade is always your energy. Please stay away from the Ouija. Even if it is called an “angel board” the principal is the same. Peace.

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