A few nights a week I wake up with scratches in random places on my body. My legs/ thighs, my back, my chest, etc usually just one episode at a time. In most cases I have no feeling of the scratches until I take a bath, then they are noticed as water gets to the affected parts then they sting and itch throughout the day. They are usually 3-4 line scratches! I wear clothes to bed, and I keep no finger nails. This doesn’t just happen in the bed I usually sleep in, but others I do as well.

When this phenomenon started about a year ago, the scratches were vicious and deep but ever since I have been praying seriously every night before I go to bed and have been attending church more frequently.

I have also blessed oils that I use on my body night and day.
Since these intensive actions of prayers and oils etc there has been great reduction in the attack and when they do occur they are light scratches or sometimes unpenetrated light scratches and usually a single or 2 line scratch.

The worrying thing is these attack may reduce but never goes away and if I reduce my prayer intensity, the attack get more intensive.

Are there any consequencies of these scratches/ attacks please?

Kindly help explain these phenomenon and help put a stop to this activities please.


Greetings: The scratches could be from negative energy focused upon you. The fact that the attacks have less intensity when you pray is a sure sign that the energy is evil. An energy cleansing is in order. You must find someone where you are that is capable of cleansing and sealing your energy against the attacks. If you were here in the states I would. If you have Skype I would be happy to instruct you in the art of cleansing yourself. Please let me know. Peace.

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