My 2 year old little boy over the past 2 weeks has started seeing things that frighten him into shock. He clings to me so hard he leaves marks. He hasn’t seen a scary movie, or even an action movie for that matter. The first time he saw something was at his nanas house on their outside porch in the top left corner. He was screaming, and crying and trying to attach himself to anyone he could…and when you ask him what’s wrong he’ll just point. Even weirder… When he was pointing his finger moved lower and lower like something was coming towards him and he started screaming again and trying to push away while hiding his face in my shirt. It happened again today but at our house. We have a 3 story condo… His room is on the 3 rd floor and he always goes up to his room to play…well, today he was walking up the stairs stopped in the middle of the stairs and started screaming dropped ton his belly and slid all the way down the stairs and went and hid behind a partial wall that separates our living room and dining room he kept peeking out and looking up the stairs…do you think he’s seeing ghosts or just not able to interpret what he’s seeing? I had a few paranormal run-INS when I was younger and so did my mother I still have experiences to this day but when I was a kid they were much stronger and more visual do you think this could have passed down to him?


Greetings: There is indeed a chance that you could have shared the ability with him. It sounds as if there is something approaching him, but you must stay calm. Instead of asking him what is wrong, when he is away from the house ask him what it was that he saw. Try not to say words such as scared, frightened, or shook up. Try asking this way. Did you see something?, or hey by the way, what did you see the other day? Make sure that the stairway is well lit, and help him by telling him that he is protected. See if you can enlist the help of a house cleanser where you are, and have the energy removed, or at least have them make your child invisible to it. Contact me if you need further assistance. Peace.

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