My husband and I have been together for 13 years. During this time, we’ve always been able to finish each-other’s sentences and easily “read” the other’s mood. We recently bought our first house, and the connection has become even greater. On more than one occasion, we have actually HEARD the other say something without them uttering a word! For example, I was upstairs and wanted my him to bring me something. Before I even got to the top of the stairs to shout his name, he was calling “Yes?” up to see what I needed. When I told him that I hadn’t said anything yet, he didn’t believe me at first and said it was clear as day. We’ve never heard the other “say” anything that they weren’t about to say, so it’s almost like we’ve fast-forwarded a few seconds.

Now we just joke about it, but it is still pretty strange. Any idea how/why this happens? Does it have something to do with the house? We never actually HEARD the other person’s thoughts before we move into it.

Thanks, and Peace be with you!


Greetings and sorry for the delay: I think that you and your husband have entered into a new stage of your relationship and this is a good thing.It is the goal of every married couple to become one with each other. Congratulations. If you need my help I am here. Peace.

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