Hello! I am writing you in regards to a prob. My friend is having. He son is a yr old and has not had any problems with sleep prior to the last few wks. Lately she has been hearing very loud banging noises comin from his room. She hears things moving in his room via the baby moniter……and very loud banging. He has been wakeing up screaming. And when she goes in there is nothing out of place. She has been feeling very uncomfortable in her trailor(not in a trailor park) and has never felt uncomfortable b4 these last few wks. She has also said that the last few days there have been several birds that have been dropping dead out of the sky in her yard when she is out doing yard work. She has told whatever is scareing her son to go away that they are not welcome and she also has an led light in his room when he sleeps. Nothing seems to be working and i am asking in hopes you might have some idea as to what is in her home and what she can do to make her home more at ease once again. Thanks so much!


Greetings and sorry for the delay: Have your friend contact me and I will instruct her as to what to do. It would do you good to have training as well. Peace.

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