Recently I have been woken up out of my sleep by hearing a doorbell ring. Now that I think of it I heard a knocking at my door a month ago but I stayed in bed scared. It happens in the wee hours of the morning. Last night/ this morning I woke up immediately to hearing a doorbell ring it sounded very loud like my ear was next to the device I stayed in bed listening to see If I could hear anything else, but that was it. A few days ago the same thing happened but it was immediately followed by a dog barking. I don’t have a dog. I have in the past though.


Greetings Debbie: This bell sound is a visitation. It is what we call the astral bell or bell of travel. It is more than likely that you are being hailed be someone that has passed on that is familiar to you. If the entity is not familiar to you and meant harm the bell sound would be like a cracked glass, non resonant. From what you have described however, the bell is clear and loud so it is more the former. It will go away as you acknowledge it. Peace.

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