hello, thank you for taking my question. the other day my sister was using her phone to video tape her 10 yr old daughter and her ten yr old friend do a little silly girl dance routine when she noticed orbs in the camera as she was taping but when looking up from the camera did not see them. so of course she continued to tape because of the fasination with the orbs. as she continued to record there where more and more orbs showing up. seems like i remember them being blue and white. towards the end of the recording the orbs were huge and were flitting and bouncing and zooming everywhere! i know it sounds weird but its almost as if they were dancing with the girls or maybe getting stronger from their physical energy being exerted. im christian so ive always been educated biblicly to believe 80 to 90% of these things are demonic but im stumped over this! although i know satan can masquerade as an angel of light these didnt seem harmful but i could be way off track thinking that. also my sister believes as i do and hasnt done anything to bring into or open doorways to her home ie ouji boards ect. just very curious about these things. thank you and have a blessed day.


Greetings: We must remember that it is not our job to judge what Angels look like.
Remember. Those things that you call demons may infact be Angels. I think that it is indeed unfortunate that religion has caused us to believe that even a legitimate message from God himself because it does not come in a certain form is the devil, but then again if you recall they called Christ himself a devil, and a witch, and evil, threw stones at him, and spat upon him for saying what was true. That he was the son of God in the flesh… I think that the greatest trick that Satan ever did was to get People of God to believe that he only looks a certain way, and that he will only communicate in a certain way. You see. If you are teaching your child to believe that 80 to 90 percent of what she might see is evil then you are teaching her that God only occupies 20 percent, when the truth is that God is all powerful. You are a Christian. Do not allow your fear to overwhelm you. Those misjudged orbs may be there to protect you. God works how he chooses, not how we think he should. Peace.

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