Blessed greetings Mr. Diliza, this is very synchronistic to find your website. Your posts and more so your presence have attracted me and if feel comfortable to post you a question. As well, I found much interest in your teachings and will be looking closer at your gift and offerings. Blessings to you and the path you are on in service to others. Back to the question, I have had an inquiry from a dear friend in which I am pondering my response and I was hoping you would assist in advising me on how to handle or respond to her inquiry. The posts, two of them, are posted below. I have changed their names to protect their privacy on the internet. Here is the unfolding event.

(1st Post)

Mary has had a significant break through. She has had all kinds of things happening in her home that she attributed to an undesired entity…even to the point of a levitating wastebasket. She has been trying very hard to get me to come over to help her with this and I have been equally adamant that she has the capacity to deal with it herself. In the end, I finally went over to smudge on Friday. I was shocked at what I found. I am allergic to animals to I had to tie my
sweater around my face.

It’s not that I’m being judgmental…I’m not. I felt such compassion at the situation she and her family have been living in. There are 3 cats and at least 1 ferret living in that house plus a huge border collie. There was like an inch of animal hair on the floor/carpets. Everything in the house was in disarray and clutter, clutter, clutter. The focus of the energy was in her, and her husband’s rooms (they apparently do not sleep together any longer). He was a heavy drinker but apparently recently stopped. Everyone in that house is depressed. There were no sheets on her bed and she was still in pajamas because she thought I was only going to be there at 11:15. There are places in her home you can’t get to because of clutter. There was 2 feet of clothing on the floor in her husband’s room…and nothing in the closet.

I believe these manifestations to be her own projections. After I had smudged the upstairs, Mary’s shoulders slumped, she hung her head and said softly…”Now you know my secret. I’ve been trying to hide this from you for 2 years. I’m sorry.” and she started to cry. I was dumb
founded. Her daughter, Sally, said “she’s ashamed she was hiding the truth from you”. So I hugged her and told her I was not judging her. She went off on another topic and I returned it to “I’m not judging you”. After the third time, I put my finger under her chin and made her look into my eyes and told her “I’m going to keep repeating this until you tell me that you understand me. I’m not judging you”. She said she understood.

Mary is asking for help. I asked her if she wanted me to get some people together to help her clean things up and she said yes. Her arthritis is such that she can only do little bits and then is in debilitating pain, and the depression sets in…and no one is helping her. Her daughter is ADHD and really high energy…very dramatic. Lovely girl, but a hand full. Mary says she gets no support from her husband but I reminded her that the fact he stopped drinking at her
and her daughter’s behest means that there is some level of support. That’s not an easy thing to do either.

I’m selecting my intervention team carefully to ensure I have non-judgemental people who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty. Unfortunately most of us have cat allergies so that will be a challenge. I was full of animal hair just walking through the house…and had flea bits on my arm. I thought about hiring someone to come in and clean it professionally, but my fear is that they might call the city or something and cause her more problems. If there were animal feces in the home, I would have done that.

In the interim, I have tasked Mary with doing what she can and she says she has been cleaning a little bit. She has finally been able to sleep so that should help her. I did speak to Rev. Tom who recommended that I ensure some on-going support after the clean up to ensure it doesn’t get that bad again, but I also want to make it clear to Mary that this is not free maid service. Changes have to be made to maintain this…and her daughter needs to understand her role in helping out more.

And in all this…I just feel really humble that this person trusted me enough to bear her soul to me. Her darkest secrets. It’s really humbling.

(2nd post)
Since sending that note off, more has occurred.

I woke up the morning following Mary’s home smudging to find scratch marks on my left arm that could not, in my opinion, been made by a human. There is about an inch between scratch marks and the angle of the scratches shows that whatever created them was facing me. I was
also out of sorts and had a burst of anger that evening after dinner that was not in keeping with my personality. I’m ashamed to say I spanked my dog rather harder than I should have for pooping on the floor in front of me. Thankfully he is a forgiving creature.

The 2nd night, the night before last, I was awoke to a phone call from my daughter saying I needed to call Carol. Carol was frantic. She was outside on the street having been chased out of her home by this creature who haunted her dreams to the point of uncontrolled fright then manifested in this realm to attack her. Carol is like a beacon in the astral…she actually sees dead people (like the movie Sixth Sense). She even invited a passing cop to come into her home and check it out for her…that’s how scared she was…she would never do this as she values her privacy above all. Still she would not go back in.

I had to drive from an hour away to her place at 3:00 in the AM to help her smudge her home. She was at the point of being in shock so I’m glad I went. Luckily I had just picked a fresh batch of Rowan berries and I strung two strands of 9 on red string after smudging so she could have them as amulets. I scribed pentagrams all over her apartment and declared it to be Sacred Space.

Even though I did the LBPR and carried my temple with me into Mary’s home, Rev. Pat says I was not prepared for what I saw there and the shock left me vulnerable to attachment. Lesson learned. R Pat also suggested that I contact both of you to gain varying perspectives on the matter.

Any advice or enlightenment you could share with me would be greatly appreciated.

(end of post)

Mr. Diliza thank you in advance and I am grateful for any insight you can offer me,

In Service and gratitude,



Greetings: Sorry for the delay. What you are facing are elementals. Unfortunately these are earth elementals and very difficult to deal with. If you are attempting to exorcise them it will not work as they are not demons. You must clear the house of your friend physically and get her to stop whatever she is doing to call them to her. Remember what earth elementals do. They recycle, break down, debilitate and destroy, and at last create.

If there is an impurity, or something that needs to be degraded on this physical plane it is they that handle it. Unfortunately there are good and bad elementals. The good ones that are earth we call fairies, (yes yes I know, but this is what people have chosen to call them). The bad ones unfortunately we call imps or demons. In this case demons are not responsible. You must make her clean her house before attempting any banishing and protection work. Once she has cleaned to your specs: then you can work. You will then stay within the boundary of Universal Law.

You see. These entities are not violating anything. They are doing their job, and if a human gets in the way the human will be decayed as well, and we all know what happens when biological decay is involved. It spreads. Now. As a fellow Mystic I will remind you that honesty is intrinsic to us being able to perform our work so if there is anything else that needs be known your friend needs to come clean. In your home you will need to go through with a good cleaning, and offer a plate of fruit to the earth elementals and explain to them that you did not know that they were there at the behest of he person that lived there, and mistook the clutter there as evil, and give them a full apology, and then tell them that their presence is not needed or requested in your home. Let them know that you are leaving an offering for their work, and will do so every month for the next year as payment for services rendered. This will be well accepted, (by the way.. They really like jelly beans. odd isn’t it?).

Bathe yourself in warm water, clover, citronella, and rose petals. The best fruits are apples and oranges unpeeled on a plate with a candle lit by it.

After your friends house is cleaned and cleansed instruct her likewise. Her husbands depression will cease and life will be better. I think that there are other matters but let us start here. Cut out all dairy for a time, and your allergies will be much less severe. I am here if you need me. Again sorry for the delay. Peace.  Ahura Z.

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