Hello, I have a 3yr old little girl. For about six months or longer it has been nearly impossible for her (or I) to sleep entirely through the night. Most nights unless it’s nearly impossible for her to go to sleep in her room. For a while she kept saying that there was a monster in her room. At first I kind of dismissed it as bad dreams, maybe a glimpse of something she had caught on TV. More recently she has told me that they are ghosts, she would never say anymore about it…she wakes up in the middle of the night screaming and runs to my room. Well today after a long night of no sleep for either of us, she finally opened up and told me that it is a little ghost and a big ghost with sharp nails, it tries to scratch her, and messes with her sister sleeping in the other bed across the room…when I asked if it talks to her she says “yes it tells me to get out of this house” I was raised that the paranormal is a real thing and that there are dark spirits out there. As I have gotten older I have shut all that out because quite frankly it scares me. Now I fear something is bothering my daughter… But how do I distinguish between something real from the normal bad dreams most kids have? My mother was extremely intuitive, could my daughter be also? We are moving soon, and if what she is seeing is real could it follow her to our new home, seeking a connection of some kind?


Greetings: Your daughter is being harassed by an entity posing as fearsome. It knows that she is sensitive and picks on her. You say that you are moving? Good. When you move get some fresh rue. It is an herb that you can buy at any herb store. Spread the herb at the door sill just before you begin moving her things out and more on the floor at the door, and the window sill and the closet just before you take her out for the last time. It will not follow her as it is house bound. I suggest that you allow her to sleep with you until you move. The other child is safe. You can also call an entity remover, just so long as they know what they are doing.
Tell the remover to lock it away so that it cannot follow and all should be well. If not contact me and I will instruct. Peace.

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