Hi Ahura,

I have a regular experience, which occurs in what seems to be a lucid dream.

In my dream I am lying in my bed, usually in my own room as it is while awake. The only noticeable difference is the feeling of the room which is heavier.
I am aware that I am not awake, yet the experience is often far more vivid than any waking experience.

I feel my spirit being pulled from my body, from the feet first, and dragged across the room, through the air. In the dream, I fight it, and sometimes succeed, but often not.
The dream will often repeat, sometimes differing, and often I believe I have woken up, then realize I have not.
I’ll often try to get to the door to turn the light switch on, but can never get there, or the light switch does not work.
At times I have asked my guides, or god for protection during the dream, but it has only escalated the experience.
In this dream I usually feel an energy, it is heavy, angry, powerful and negative. Occasionally the experience feels different(more like a small child is trying to wake me up, as they want to play) Sometimes the scarier experience feels like it goes on for hours, but I may only be minutes asleep.

I do not feel a presence in my bedroom (of this kind) when I wake, and feel the energy in my room is okay, and use a protection prayer before sleeping.

Any thoughts on what is happening, or have you heard of any similar occurrences?

Thank you in advance.  -Kahla


Kiora Kahla: You need to ground yourself before sleeping. It would seem that you loose cohesion in your dreams so the best thing is to densify your structure. Just before you go to sleep, eat something that has beef in it. This will instantly ground you. Also put yourself for the next 6 weeks on an exercise program working your legs and abdomen muscles, the will re knit you energy in that area thereby making it so that you maintain your cohesion in your dreams.

If you need further instruction please contact me. I am in Maine in the U.S.A. eastern standard time. You can use the gift that you have to journey into other realms without leaving your body, but training is in order. The method that I gave you should work. Peace.

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