When I was about 5 years of age I have a dream I was laying in my bed and then all of a sudden the room was filled with a light grey mist and a shadowy figure appeared to the side of me next to my bed, the fact that this thing was just a few inches away from me scared me to death but then the fear subsided and I felt at peace and comfortable with the thing next to me. Then it started to speak and at first I couldn’t understand but then it turned into english like words telling me that I had a mission on earth and I had a limited time do to it, then I asked him what it was and he said he couldn’t tell me at this point in time. Then I woke up and I didn’t have anything happen after that.

2-3 years later, I had just laid down in my mothers bed because I was tired and was going to take a nap, I turn my to look over at the night stand and there sits a black shadowish wolf, it’s eyes were red and it’s teeth were bared, it wasn’t looking at me though, it was looking in the direction my feet were and just started growling, I was shocked and frightened so I push back against the wall and blink my eyes and when I opened my eyes back up, it was gone.

1 1/2 months after that I was laying in bed also trying to sleep and my arms were under the covers before it was hot, my eyes were closed and the next thing I know there’s this feeling of someone touching my left upper arm and left upper thigh, the touch alone scared me and I opened my eyes to see nothing there.

4 years past and I finally broke down from the occasional shadows, noises, growling and I told my mom about it, she’s a christian and everything but she believes theres something wrong with me instead of my room being haunted. She’s dragged me too doctor after doctor and all they can say is “I think” so after all that happened with everything I was in my mothers room which turned into my room, and at night when I would try to sleep or just regularly be in my room I heard growling and scratching from my closet which always stayed 1 inch or so open because I couldn’t close it all the way, so we had someone to come in and bless my room, it took care of things until now we recently moved from that house and into a new one and we were told it was haunted by the old woman who lived and died here before we came in. She’s toyed with everyone except me but for the past few days all I’ve heard, soon and felt is being touched, growls, screams, the felling of being watched and at night when I stare onto my bed which I don’t use anymore because my back needs a firmer feel I see the wolf I saw 6-8 years ago just laying on my bed, panting or growling at something, but it’s never growled at me. I don’t know what to do, the only time I feel safe is when I’m asleep or clinging to someone, even as I sit here and type this out I hear little noises and it scares me.  -Shelby


Greetings Shelby: This definitely sounds as if you have been visited. This has more to do however with a generational presence than a haunting. It sounds as if you were a part of a karmic group that was under the auspices of the wolf. Remember that it is your home therefore you must command the entity to go or stay. The wolf is obviously a guardian but not harmful. Tell it to be quiet. You must not fear. I think that the old woman has a message for you but you must not be afraid of her as if she meant to harm you she would have by now. If the events become intolerable bring someone in to cleanse the home, and it will end, however. I think that your role in this wolf clan is worth exploring. Let me know if you need me further. Peace.

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