Occasionally when I was younger I would see shadows of people pass by out of the corner of my eye. At times I would even see the shadow of a person walking by under the crack of my door. When I went to investigate it, no one was there. At one point I saw a naked figure walk around the corner of my hall in a very distorted manner. My question is, were these sightings just trickery of the mind or was something more at play here. Thank you for taking the time to read this, I always wondered exactly what this was.


Greetings: Both should be considered here. We have a tendency to discount what we actually see based upon our surroundings and environmental personage even as children. At the same time we must not just assume that something is there because the curtains moved a certain way. I think however, that in this case you actually saw an entity as you said that it was naked. Contrary to popular belief, a spirit would not appear fully clothed as clothing has nothing to do with the spiritual. Long white gowns or fully dressed apparitions only happen in cases of ghost activity. Yes you did see something. Peace.

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