I am newly divorced mother of two girls, ages 5 and 11. I recently purchased a home built in the mid to late 1930’s. As far as I can see, the man that built the home resided there for many years, then sold the home to his grandson, who in turn sold it to the people I bought it from. When I toured the home initially, I saw some minor things that needed to be changed. When I got the home inspection, I found more, just basic care stuff. Some of the things were alarming from a home-owners perspective, like live wires hanging in closets, outlets and light switches with no covers.

Then I move in. All kinds of crazy stuff. A garage with new wiring that has been cut, a security tag on my electric meter that’s been cut. The young man that lived in the home pior to me in on military disability for PTSD, but he never shipped out anywhere. There are motion sensor lights, security alarms on doors, but live wires everywhere.

My youngest daughter began sleep walking. The third time she did, I found her in the living room against a window with my dog, who was barking furiously out the window. The next morning she tells me that a ghost came in her bedroom window, said something to her, the dog chased it out of her room, through the living room and out the window. Same window I found the dog in that night. Things are disappearing in the house. My homeowner’s inspection disappeared, my new mortgage statement disappeared, several tubs of items from my other house have vanished and my oldest is missing things as well. I keep a clean house, and have turned the place upside down looking for this and have not found them at all. Not a trace. I’ve got a guy repairing things in my home and he reports light bulbs exploding for no reason, things on tables falling off. For example, he set a tape measure on one of my end tables, not at the edge, but closer to the middle. About a half hour later he hears a thump and looks and it’s on the floor. While on a ladder one of the screws he had placed on the tray fell, but he said it looked like someone had picked it up and carried it to the floor placing it exactly on it’s flat head with the point up, rather than on it’s side like it would’ve landed had it fallen. He hears noises while working. My pets are now behaving a little out of the ordinary. I’m having issues with both of them defecating and urinating in places other than outside or in a litter box. My dog will be laying on the floor and will all of a sudden sit up and look behind her like someone poked her. Could be a fly, but I don’t ever see anything. I am constantly stressed out and headachy. My youngest was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder brought on by stress from the divorce and move and it is aggrivating her pervasive sleep disorder.

I am at a loss here. I have no idea if there is something going on spiritually in my home (we are practicing Catholics, with a crucifix and a statue of Joseph in my living room, but I also have Buddha statues from my youngest brother who passed away four years ago), or if it is simply me not coping well with being on my own and the pressures of being a single working mom with rebellious pets. I have also brought out the antique chair from my grandmother, who passed away about a year ago, and have it in my living room, in the corner where my cat seems to go to use the restroom all of a sudden.

My youngest has had some encounters with spirits when much younger, right after my brother and her great-grandfather passed away. We had some orbs in some pictures of my girls, and she spoke to a man in the corner of her room one night. I took it lightly, she was young and orbs can often be dust. We are all in counseling to help cope with the divorce and new family arrangement.

I just really don’t know how to proceed from here. I planned on researching my home with the city to get a little more information. Where we live there are heavy coal mines from long ago, and my home has a coal chute in it. My property is NOT on a mine, but there are many within the area. There is a graveyard about a mile away, it is where my brother is buried.

I am not sure what other information you might need. I just need a direction to head in from here. Can you offer any advice?

Thanks.  -Holly


greetings Holly:
this sounds pretty serious:

What it seems like is that there is an open portal, or hole in a barrier between the intangible and tangible realities. You must definitely have someone come and close it.

There must be someone there local that can perform this task. The open channel can cause small paradoxical events such as objects vanishing, wires spontaneously disconnecting, apparitions, even spiritual encounters. Usually it is because something major happened at the location. A banishing, cleansing, and resetting of the energy in the house should do it. I am in Maine, but there must be someone local to you. Please try to get someone to come. You don’t need investigators they will merely make it worse and tell you that your house is not haunted.

You need a person that is capable of removing what is there, and closing the rift.
Please contact me if there is no one in your area. Peace.

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