Hi Z,
I had a question concerning my niece Katie. She is six now and lives on the west coast with her grandmother. Without getting into to much detail on the living situation Katie’s mother is here in Maine. Having regular usually daily contact (phone email facebook ) in regards to how Katie is doing. I should also explain Katie has epilepsy, asthma and mild autism.  About two months ago (around her birthday) Katie started saying there were glowing people in her room, laughing, glowing people that scared her.
Apparently her grandmothers first response to this was.  “Their people sent by Jesus to protect you”
My response was at first to pause. Mostly due to the minor stroke of colliding responses that invaded my mind all at once and left me unable to speak for a moment.
( Insert rant about associating Jesus & fear here )I would think that if they Scare her, telling her Jesus sent them might be a little confusing. But hey I don’t have kids so…
What would help her?
Thanks as always for your help.
P.S. Thanks for you response about my cat. He says hello by the way.


Hi Sarah. It would help if you or someone told her the truth. Tell her that sometimes there are people that live in a different kind of life that come to visit us here in this life, and that they cannot hurt her, and that she should not be afraid. Tell her that Jesus is real but it was not him that sent these people, they came on their own, and did not come to harm her. I have raised four kids, and the truth always helps. Tell whoever said the Jesus thing that Jesus IS real, and knows that she is lying to a child about him. Tell her that if those entities become hostile then they have just told this child that Jesus sent bad things to scare her. There. That should do it. Hope to see you soon. Peace. Ahura Z.

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