When I was 8 years old my brother-in-law sexually abused me for about a year.
He is in jail now and I have undergone a few years of therapy to resolve much of
my feelings about this. It helped for some time, but I’ve developed a few mental
issues that may relate with the main reason I told you all of this in the first
place. Due to what happened I was labeled with Multiple Personality Disorder.
They all said that the people in my head are all just people I created in order
to deal with what I’ve had to deal with, but I can honestly say I never created
them. The 5 that live in my head were once living beings that died in some way
and asked to share my body. 2 of them are full fledged vampires, 1 is a full
werewolf, and the other two are a demon and a half vampire werewolf mix. I know
for a fact that they are real because they have all the memories from their past
lives which they share with me, and when they take over I’m fully aware of
everything they say and do which isn’t the normal with Multiple Personality Disorder. I am however Bi-polar, have Borderline Personality Disorder, and Social Anxiety Disorder to which the 5 of them say that it is because I’m way to sensitive to the world around me and
don’t fit in with normal people, and at times they are even forced to block out
all the emotion that I feel from others. I am also able to see and hear spirits, have been told by an angel apparently that I was to give birth to a hero, and have been recently seeing a fawn. I
guess my major question is what the heck am I, and what is this bond that I share with the 5? Is there a reason they chose me as a host, and what do I call this type of whatever it is?  -Alyssa


Greetings Alyssa: Sorry for the delay. I think that in time you will find out for your self the true nature of what you are going through. However. The fact that you have such a clear understanding of yourself and your mental state says much. I would call this a melding of your inner personalities, as I believe that they are all you. I think that you should have training. Not only spiritual, but physical as well. I can give you some steps if you are interested. Peace.

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