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about 10 mins after I woke up, I used my camera phone to take the picture.


So yesterday I was home alone all day, I was in the bathroom down the hall putting makeup on. The hall closet door opened a little bit but I didn’t think anything of it. So I kept putting on my makeup, then I heard someone walking down the hall way, sounded like someone trying to walk quietly in heavy boots. So I looked down the hall and asked “hello is anyone there” and the walking just stopped. I got creeped out so I ran out side and called my mother.
Then this morning when I woke up, I sleep alone. I woke up with a hand print on my left rib cage. I didn’t feel harmed in anyway, just scared me because it was someones hand. I searched for my phone, so I could take a picture of it. So I could finally have proof I wasn’t crazy. I texted the picture to my mom and called her.
My dad was making breakfast, and he saw I was crying. I lifted up my shirt on that side so he could see it. He asked me to line my hand up with it to see if it was just the way I slept. It Wasn’t, the pinky is double the size of mine, and the fingers done look like mine at all. Does not match anyones hand in my house (not that they would hit me) but The fingers are to stubby. It lasted for over a hour, and even after taking a shower. It would not go away.

Stuff like this always just seems to happen to me ever since like 4th grade #I’m in my 2nd year of college now# I’ve heard my name get called many times, woke up with big scratched down my back, I’ve seen things and other stuff. It just happens to me. Now I have proof.
Any kind of help would be nice. Some people think im crazy.
But I know im not.


I’d like to speak with you personally. Please give me a call. Peace.


I’m just wondering before I call, why you would like to speak to me personally? Is it that serious?


Greetings: There is a hand print on your left rib that just manifested. Unless it is a birth mark Yes!!! I’d say it was serious. But it is up to you. Peace.


Its not a birth mark, im just super nervous. I will be calling then if its super needed.


I have an agent in Seattle if you would like to speak to him let me know. Peace.

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