So im 20 years old and my whole life ive been around spirits, or more like they’ve been around me for example hearing my name called out, close and from far away in the back of the house mostly a mans voice, ive heard my mothers name copied and calling out for me to come to her.

Even sensing spirits was a common thing, but when we moved here to Vancouver Washington we lived in an apartment with three male spirits they would walk around my room, talk and even turn my heater dial. They scarred me so much I used to tremble from fear and after we moved four years my mom finally saw what ive been telling her for years it all stopped, spirits didnt whisper to me, never tapped on my shoulder, or just the feeling of them there.

Strangly I missed it, with age I became less afraid I realize not all spirits are mean, and after talking to some friends about missing the paranormal experiences.

Then I started waking up late at night and quickly glancing at the door and I KNOW someone stands in the crack of the doorway, then slight whispers of my name, a tall skinny man randomly in my peripherals, I told my boyfriend that I think im protected from being hurt then the next morning I woke up with two thumb size finger prints on the insides of both arms, that was a few weeks ago but just yesterday I took a nap and when I woke up both my arms were tired and sore like ive been wrestling or pushups and on my right arm I noticed a bruise that looks like a hand grabbed and squeezed my arm and it hurts like its been yanked even my shoulder hurts.

Im not sure what is going on because this is the third bruise its given me, im always respectful of spirits so if the spirit is angrt with me Im not sure why

(sorry for such a long read)


Greetings: Sorry for the delay. Yes. I think that you are being attacked, however. I do not believe that this started out as an attack. Ithink that somehow you are calling a spirit to you. I think that it believed that you wanted it to come close but when it did, you did not respond in the way that it thought that you would. My suggestion.  Just tell it that you are not interested in forming a relationship with it.  Make sure that you have white unscented candles burning in your house, and as soon as you can purchase an LED light, and keep it near the space that you saw it from the beginning. If the problem persists, contact me again for further instruction. Peace.

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