My name is Preston and im 31yrs. For a while now I am having this weird experiences. To cut a long story short. Im approached by beings that help me come out of my body. I then go on these missions. In there world they are also fighting these critter type beings.Its like they need my help or something.  The one”s name is Norman and he is animal type humanoid. To many situations to tell. Im either killing something or sent to have sex. Man its really weird. Its like i joined some kind of group. I can now almost hear them and sometimes see them. Really to much to tell.


I have given my points on the astral world, and caution you to try and stay out.  You are being seduced, and will eventually have to repay those beings. I know that many have adventures in the astral world, and believe it to be a great place.  I know better.  It is dangerous and should be avoided at all costs.  Peace.

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