okay so i wake up sometimes with weird cuts on me not like gashes but like little long or short cuts like a paper cut or like a light slash from a razor this has been going on since i could remember my dad and mom gets them too also my brother, plus have been getting weird scary pedophile like thoughts that i hate. also in my room when i moved into my uncles’s daughter’s room ( who has done alot of really really bad sex stuff and drugs stuff) i have heard banging noises from the closet and my door would swing open and then close again for like no reason and trust me its not wind!!
nice tattoo btw.
please help
         – cleo


Greetings, and sorry for the delay.  Cleo:  You must move out of the room.  The room needs to be cleansed of negative energy.  Find someone local that is able to do this.  This may indeed be a spirit that is capable of robing your energy through sexual thought.  Please do as I suggest, it will help.  Peace.

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