Hello, a couple weeks back I had an astral travel experience after studying some material that was intended to help ‘unlock’ this ability. Ever since then certain activity has started. Loud thumps, thuds, pops, bangs, etc. occur throughout the home – especially when i try to sleep. Mostly the walls but also from things & objects that shouldn’t be making noises. I feel they are in response to thoughts i have – 1 for yes – 2 for no it seems. My pets have also started ‘acting up’ at night – especially one of my prairie dogs who starts barking in fright. I’m not scared but I am annoyed, especially with my animals being frightened & making it difficult to sleep.


Greetings and sorry for the delay.  My suggestion to you is to stay out of the astral realm.  You see.  It is not meant for the physically living.  If you go there seeking answers you will pay a price, and since there is no money in that realm, the currency is energy.  Life energy.  You can recover however.  Please refrain from doing any kind of divination work for the next lunar cycle, Keep white unscented candles lit while you sleep, Please make sure that they are safe, and read Psalms 91 three times out loud before you go to bed.  Eat every two hours, and no drinking.  Do not sleep in the clothes that you were out and about in, and you should be fine.  If the activity persists, contact me.  Peace.

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