Hi, for over twenty years I have woke up at night occasionally to a white mist floating above and to the side of me.  Two nights ago the white form of the mist was larger and was accompanied by a second, smaller mist. I am not afraid of it but am  very curious.  I have several religious statues in my bedroom as well as blessed palms.  That is why I am not afraid that it is bad.  But why is  “it” here?  I have asked it to name itself but there is no sound, smell, nor coldness.

Prior to our adopted sons being born 19 years ago, my husband and I BOTH awoke to hundreds of what I call bubble lights floating above our bed.  Not sure why this happened either, but that felt like some kind of Holy welcoming of new life.  Not sure.  Oh and our blinds were down that night so they weren’t car lights.  We saw them two more times till we baptized him.

The fact that this is happening more and more often has me puzzled. And why watch me at night?  Why not during the day when I am just sitting here?  

Thank you for your consideration of my question


Greetings:  This actually sounds like a group of children that have decided that you are good to be with.  They will cause you no harm, if anything they will watch out for you.  This happens often.  I call them nurse angels if you will.  As for the Holy welcoming, all life is Holy.  However.  In this case it was more like a divine visitation.  Your life is blessed.  Peace.


Thank you so much for your response. I work with children and teens so your answer is so touching to me. God bless you!

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