I’m pretty sure my son’s room has some kind of portal or dimensional vortex for negative enteties to access. I am learning about energies I currently work with radiestisia and radionics. My children are very sensitive to these energies and it is because of them that I have been drawn to this field. I could use your help in diagnosing what is actually in this room and how to get rid of it….. If its possible. I have been able to rid the room of negative energies but they seem to be drawn to it and return very frecuently.


Greetings Laura:  Perhaps we can speak via Skype?


I’m sorry my computer broke down. I will look for you on Skype once I’m up and running again. Thank you.


Greetings.  No problem.  I would suggest that you have someone that is real come to your home.  I would but I am in Maine.  The only way to properly diagnose is to be present or for me to see the area.  If there is footage or a picture I can do this.  It does not seem as if you are in any danger at the moment but try not to label it as evil.  See if there are any ill effects from it and let me know.  Peace.

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