The first time I saw a dark figure I was outside around 3am. I was smoking a cig and for a brief moment closed my eyes and saw a dark silhouette towards the end of my road under the street light, freaked out I went inside and did not come out again. A few weeks later I was outside again roughly around the same time when I closed my eyes and saw 10 figures in the street in front of my house. I opened my eyes and they were gone.  I again closed them and saw 4 in the street this time and 1 right in front of me. I re opened my eyes and decided to try and reach out to touch what was there because at this point I felt like I was going crazy. In that moment of reaching out my whole body went numb and my heart started racing as well as the hand I had stretched out sweat was beading off of it. What is this, why is it happening to me. I’ve always felt other things around me and have seen my share of the unknown after having near death experiences and an exorcism on my house. Some light would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for reading.


Greetings:  Sorry for the delay.  You are experiencing contact with other dimensional beings.  You have an ability but you must discipline it.  There is nothing to be frightened about.  I know that the movies have portrayed special gifts and seeing the spirit world as evil and foreboding but in truth they are not.  It is time to find someone that is willing to train you.

After time you will see that there is a reason for your gift.  Exorcism is not what you need.  You need training.  There are those and myself that can do this.  Let me or someone know when you are ready.  Peace.

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