Ok I can see spirits feel them ever since I was little. When I was little I had a dream that I was on a bait in water that is really deep but there is a tree right next to me but there is someone else sitting on the boat with me.also before I was born the males in both sides mother and father sides had died even my father. And I went to a spiritualist and told me to keep coming so I can be his apprentice. But years later I was walkin by myself I looked down and saw my shadow and it had horns. Oh but the spiritualist said I have three guardian spirits which r my dad and grandfather and a native American dancing around a fire but the fire has a face in it. But now every night I feel like somethings there but I can’t see it like it’s watching me and last night I had heard a whisper in my ear and it said mephisto and I turned so quickly a saw nothin and later on I walked in my living room and staired at the floor and looked up at the cross and staired at it but my mom told me that I had like this wierd grin on my face then I feel down to the ground and I couldn’t move and I really tried to move but I didn’t. I still have a lot of questions though but right now I need help with this please if u can help I would truely appreshiateit


Greetings:  This sounds generational.  I believe that someone in your lineage either practiced blood magic, or dark witchcraft and made a deal for blood that is male.  If this is the case then the entity that you are dealing with is not M. but what we would call female.  There are a few that fit this.  In many religious groups angels were said to be sexless.  This is an untruth
They as well as we have genders, and this appears to be the doing of someone female in your family that may have cursed someone male and the curse followed generationally.  This sounds remarkably like Lillith.  I suggest that you do some research on your family, and the dynamics of a curse.  Research L. and her consort Lucifer.  I believe that you will find some answers there.  Peace.

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