I have always seen shadows and can hear muffled voices but can’t make out what,they are sayng but my daughter is now seeing the same shadow man that I have been seeing at night.  He usually just stands at my doorway watching me sleep and she says that she seea this same man at the end of her bed.  I am not a sure what to do as he does not frighten me but my daughter doea not like seeing him.  Please know this, my grandmother wad sensitive she would see spirits and tell me that the dead could never hurt me.  My mother say that when I was a baby she saw a spirit that looked like my grandmother holding a white candle over my crib but when she followed it it diassappeared.  Also,when I was younger she saw a man in a blackcoat, black cane, black hat and long black coat, in the middle of summer,looking up at me then dissappear.


Greetings Serina:  Perhaps there is nothing to do except develop your vision.  Peace.

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