I read back through other people’s questions looking for some information about live/death transitions and what happens with energy. I work in the deathcare profession and I wonder if I carry around bits of energy from all the people I work with. Will you provide some insight? Thank you.  -Jana


Greetings Jana.  Good question!  I hardly ever get asked good ones like this.  You are indeed correct in believing that you carry bits of each persons energy that you work with.Especially when dealing with death.  You see, because we all live in the etheric field of the Earth we are literally energetically connected.  But when one physically leaves the etheric field, those that care for them are usually the ones that the last portion of personal energy particles will magnetize to, which is the whole thought behind gathering the family around a dying member.  That energy is distributed throughout the present family, and in many cases a child borne soon thereafter will either be the reincarnated version of the previously deceased, or have massive amounts of the deceased’s personality.  There are however drawbacks to this migration.  One must always protect ones own energy from evasion.  However. If the person caring for the dead, or dying has the true predilection for death care then protection is something that comes naturally as part of the package.  Truly I could write a book on this subject.  You my friend are in a wonderful position to gain the understanding of what paranormality, or Metaphysics is about.  Peace.  Ahura Z.

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