So I am a girl teenager, age 15, and this dream I had doesn’t relate to my life. Only one thing in it did and that was the setting or room I was in that was similar to what I grew up in (different house). So, if you look out the window of this room my mom and dad were sitting not too far from me outside on this porch swing on grass and it was facing me. There was a white metal shed about three or four yards away from it. Earlier in this dream my mom came home from a work party and gave me a plush toy called Black Ghost(like one of those beanie babies it’s name was on the tag) and it obviously looked like a stuffed black ghost. Well, all throughout the dream weird things were happening, small things, but weird. I got a call from someone and didn’t get to my phone in time and on the missed calls list it said Black Ghost on the screen, so I called it back and it picked up on the other line but it was silent, and then it hung up loudly. Towards the end of the dream my blinds were open and the wind picked up heavily like something was trying to shut my blinds and door as to lock me in. But I opened the blinds and looked down to my parents on the swing and we were talking and then there was this screeching noise coming from the shed (like a pig being tortured) but there weren’t any animals in it. And the walls of the shed were being destroyed like something wanted to get out and stuff like lawn mowers and shovels were being thrown out of it. So my dad hops up and grabs a shovel to go around and see what was in the shed and my mom stands up and walks near he shed to tell him not to go. All of the sudden the back shed wall exploded and all of this white smoke rolled out and then my parents were suddenly gone, disappeared. The End. This dream was really freaky and again, this black ghost thing doesn’t relate to my life at all it’s very strange, but something about the dream felt like a warning, and I feel that i should be cautious of what I do.

So do you think this could be a sign to something that could happen in the future? I’ve heard that the black ghost symbolizes death, and in my dream it did take my parents’ lives so I’m confused.


Greetings:  Your parents will be fine.  Incidentally.  If you see a white ghost, it is the portent of death.  The black ghost actually simply means that there is an area of your life that is not yet revealed to you.  I know that the dark, and things that are the color black have been used as a symbol of evil, but metaphysically speaking black in solid physical life is the culmination of all things.  Your thought that it could represent something in the future is more accurate.  To eliminate the possibility you must remember the dream and see if there was something that you actually have in the waking life that relates to the dream, and then eliminate it.  Something like the swing, or the clothes that you had on, or what your parents were wearing.  Let me know if you remember.  Peace.

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