Dear Ahura:

I have suffered from Sleep Paralysis since early childhood. I have no medical or mental health issues to attribute to suffering SP my entire life. For the most part I am able to recover control of myself quite quickly at the onset. A couple of times though, it was like I was ripped right out of my dreams and I awaken saying ‘Jesus Christ is my lord and savior” over and over in my mind. I write to you because the frequency of the attacks is increasing and physical things are starting to happen.  I have to admit that I was so used to this happening that I was no longer afraid, rather, I’d be annoyed. I have never seen anything and I had never physically felt touched until recent episodes. Aside from the Sleep Paralysis, it’s almost as though I’ve acquired an evening visitor that likes to disrupt my sleep. I have refused to acknowledge it. And then last night, my boyfriend (complete skeptic, but has also suffered SP) has a *so-called* dream that a neon blue and green male entity was laying next to him, trying to communicate with. All he could hear was distorted sound. Though not afraid, this disrupted him in such a way that he could no longer sleep. Can you help shed some light on what may be happening here? The entire energy of my house feels different. Thank you so much.



Greetings:  Sorry for the delay.  Interesting that science made up the term sleep paralysis, which has nothing to do with either sleep or paralysis.  When this occurs, you are not asleep, nor are you truly paralyzed.  You are being held by a force that is very tangible.  You can hear everything which means that you are fully conscious, and most that have this episode have the most profound feeling that something is approaching.  In many cases it is as you say.  The entire environment feels different, as if part of you has seen it for the first time.  You are being visited.  Please give me a call, and I will give you some instruction as to decreasing the event.  Peace.

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