Hi, I had a dream I was an african american working in a gas station (I am  a white woman).  I looked outside and saw the gas pumps, you could see the  gas inside them, nothing like todays pumps.  I also saw no pavement, the  roads were dirt.  Two men came in and made me go to a side room with a  toilet in it and put my head down on the toilet lid.  One then shot me in  the back of the head.  I was floating above my body thinking of my two  small daugters (I have no children).  I was so sad that I would not be  able to see them grow up.  I did some research and found those gas pumps  were used in the 1920’s.  Do you think this really happened?  Why would an  African American woman be working in a gas station at that time period?


Greetings:  To be a black woman working at a gas station was common, same as a European American woman, as her husband may have owned the gas station. Remember the ugly truth about racism is that it doesn’t care what gender you are, or whether you have children or not.  Your past life is attempting to help you now.  You are being discriminated against..  Pay attention to whets happening at your job, or circle.  Interesting experience.  Contact me if you desire training.  Peace.  Ahura Z.

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