First off let me give u some background as to what’s been happening before last night.  I’ve always been a little more intuitive than the next person…I know that now. For as long as I can remember, whenever I think about a person, I see that person within days. I’ll say something and most of the time it comes true. For example, last week I was channel surfing and noticed that saving private ryan was on & I told my boyfriend ‘.wow tom hanks hasn’t had a new movie out in a while…’  that same w/end, he took me to the movies and wouldn’t u know, there’s a preview 4 a new moview with Tom Hanks.  Random stuff like that happens too often to me that its become normal.  My boyfriend has had weird stuff happen to him as well….paper shredder going off downstairs in his homw when there’s no one downstairs.  One day a few years back, we were going to the mall, and as we’re walkin in, the handicapp doors swung wide open for us when there was no one else comin or goin to have acidentally pressed the button.  Ok so a few weeks ago, my tv in the bedroom started changing channels on its own…it did that for a week then it just stoppped.  Btw, I moved in2 a new apt in feb of this yr.  So last night, we’re in my living room watching tv he was on the big couch and I was on the lounge chair w/ my feet up on the ottoman when I felt a chill..weird cuz the windows were closed and my living room has a door that was closed. My bf noticed it at the same time i did except he felt the chill more than I did. I tried to think of any logical reason but got so freaked that I moved from the chair and sat on the big couch next to him.  That was all we remember cuz next thing I know, I wake up and is 2 am.  We both fell out….usually, as soon as my bf moves I wake up.  He said he couldn’t wake me up…he said he was shaking me trying to wake me up and nothing and that all of a sudden I just woke up.  We’re both freaked by this.  I don’t know what to think.


Greetings:  I have noticed an increase in paranormal activity in the NY area as of late.  You must remember that the atrocity that happened in 2001 left behind a huge energy vacuum, and there are astral and other dimensional entities going back and forth all the time.  I think that a cleansing is in order.  They seem to be drawn to you which is not unusual, but you must learn to protect yourself psychically.  Keep a small cup of vinegar, and seasalt in your room in the corner.  The activity should lessen.  Peace.   p.s.  let me know how this turns out.

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