The other night I was sleeping and was awakened by this vivid beautiful smell of lemon. It smelled so good. There was not anything in my home that could have made this smell. While I was awakened and thinking I connected it with my Aunt who has been deceased at least 10 years. She always made the best homeade lemonade. So I decided it must be her checking in. She’s never done this before, am I correct in thinking it could be her? Do you think I could communicate with her with my thoughts? I would love it. I tried talking with her in my mind but I felt crazy doing this.


Greetings:  Sorry for the delay.  It is you that has the ability to smell, which is a form of seeing.  This may indeed have been you aunt, but be careful in trying to communicate.  You could draw someone else to you masquerading as your aunt.  Oh.  One more thing.  NO OUIJA BOARDS!!!   Peace.


Thanks for the imput, don’t worry NEVER any Ouija boards!!

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