On August 14, 2001 I received a call at work from my brother John telling me that our brother Jake was in an accident. I asked him if he was dead and he didn’t say anything. He was 25 years old, out celebrating his birthday (the day before), driving drunk and flipped his car in a canal. He drowned. I have these dreams where I’m reliving his death all over again. I’ll see his body laying in the casket and I get all those horrible feelings I had when this happened. When I wake up I’m usually bawling and I’m not right for several days. I do miss him very much and think of him all the time. Can you please explain to me why I continue to have these dreams? Thank you for your time.


Greetings:  The reason for the dreams is that some part of you wants to know what really happened, and you are not satisfied with what seems to be.  You want the right answers and unfortunately, there has been no one to tell you. You feel as if you are being lied to.  And these feelings have tied into your dream life.  Once you are satisfied with what happened the dreams will stop.  Let me know how you are doing.  Peace.

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