This happened a few years back when my friend had decided he wanted to use the Ouija board but i wanted nothing to do with it so i went upstairs and away from them but that night i had fallen asleep upstairs in a bra (and pants of course)but my friend cassie and i shared the same bed and when she had come up the light was still on and i was uncovered she woke me up to ask why i was only in a bra but it was very hot that night, the next morning my back was entirely covered in bruises of hand prints. I was not the one to notice this but she was i didn’t feel it nor did it hurt we believe back then that it had something to do with spirits. Well now its happening again my back is covered in bruises of hand prints but i have not done any “ghost hunting” nor has anyone around me i don’t know how this came along but my cat was also freaking out in my bedroom today looking under the closet door. i had opened it thinking tell me theres not a mouse in there, sure enough there wasn’t but as soon as i opened the door she ran to the wall and looked up as if something was there than ran back to the closet and i shut it and again she watched under the door. I don’t know how this thing got here i been living in this house for almost a year and nothings bothering me I’m thinking i could have possibly brought it from my boyfriends house though we’ve only been together 2 months. please tell me if you believe i could be getting abused my a spirit or what you think and if i may have brought it to my house. your help is greatly appreciated thank you.


Greetings:  The reason that this happened is because even though you decided to abstain from using the Ouija, you still stayed in the house that it was being used in, which meant in the spirit world that you agreed.  I think that you should call me.  Let my assistant know that I’m expecting your call.  Peace.

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