Ok, I had this shadow thing glide from my door, up my wall, and then come straight at me and shook my bed aggressivly. It spoke to me saying that someone was going to die. I saw it again but this time as a cloud. As soon as I saw it, I felt really cold. Then I see it everywhere I go. I’m not showing fear to it, but its really starting to scare me like no other.


Greetings:  This has followed you from some place.  Have you recently passed, or visited a grave yard.  If so, there is a way to return this entity to its place.  Take the shoes that you wore back to the grave yard and leave them there, putting on new shoes as soon as you leave the grave yard.  If you have passed it, go past it in the opposite direction that you passed it before.
If this is not the case, demand that the entity leave you alone.  Do not be afraid.  Tell it that you are not interested in what it has to say and that people die all the time, and to go to God.  Let me know how this turns out.  Peace.

Followup question:

Hello, I havent been to a graveyard at all in my life, but I did tell it to go away. It hasnt bothered me till just now. I got out of  the shower, and the mirror was fogged up, I dryed off and put on my glasses and there was only one word “KILL” on the mirror. I ran out as fast as I can. I’m in the Air Force, I really dont get scared easily but I’m really freaked out. I think its aggitated, cause when I went back into the restroom I felt really angry but had no reason to be. I’m really freaked out. Is it a demonic spirit or a poltergiest, if so how can I make it stop?


Greetings.  You must find the cause.  I think that perhaps you have come into contact with an object that belonged to a very angry person that is no longer alive.  You must make no deals with it, and tell it that it is not welcome in your life, or in your mind.  Have no fear.  Keep a candle lit if you can when you sleep, and read Psalms 91 out loud three times a day for the next 7 days.  This should abate the problem.  It is merely an astral emanation.  You can beat it.  Let me know how things go in a few days.  Peace.

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