I have always seen dark figures out of the corner of my eye and as I turn to look they fade away but last night I stayed the night in my new house my husband just built on our land. We slept in the livingroom cus we havent put our beds together yet my husband and I on a mattress on the floor and the kids on the couches. After they were all sleeping I started hearing things. It happened from about 11:00pm till about 5:00am I heard a womans voice calling my name she called my name three times, then I heard children playing behind the couch and in the boys unfinished rooms I heard the doors open and close but I never looked up to see if they actualy opened.I’v always seen the dark figures but never heard anyone before last night.I was scared I woke my husband up and told him but he dosn’t even remember me waking him up so this morning I didn’t tell him what happened I don’t know if he would believe me or make fun of me.I was wanting to hear some inpute on what happend to me last night.


Greetings:  You have house guests that think that they live there.  One of the things that I feel I must caution you on is feeling afraid to communicate what you are going through with your loved one.  Whether or not you think he will believe you should not come into question, the last thing that you want to do is allow these experiences to alienate you from your family.  Remember that they cannot harm you so don’t be afraid.  If they cause you trouble tell them to leave like any unruly house guest.  Your house is haunted, but not evil.  Get someone to come and perform a cleansing, and then shielding.  This should quiet things.  Let me know how this turns out.  Peace.

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