The reason I’m writing is I have had a strange experience several times and I would like to know if you think it could be some type of paranormal experience.
 On several different occasions (7-8 times), while sleeping I’ve been awakened in the middle of the night by a strange odor. It’s always the same smell and it’s happened at several different locations I’ve lived in. It’s a very strong musty odor. I’ll sit up and even walk around to see if a window was left open or if the smell is coming from somewhere else but I only smell it in the bed room where I slept. I’m a light sleeper so I wake easily. My wife hasn’t noticed it. I thought maybe it was a smell triggered by epilepsy, but I’ve never had any other symptom. Do you think this could be a paranormal experience or something else?



Greetings:  This could indeed be a paranormal experience as there are many that have the gift of smell as well as seeing or hearing the spirit world.  One way to find out is to see if there have been other instances in the past that your olfactory sense activated and then something happened.  If you can say that this has occurred more than a few times there is a pretty good chance that you are having a paranormal event, or at least you have acute sensitivity to smell.

I hope this helps.  Peace.

Followup Question:

Yes, I have had this experience numerous times, probably seven or eight times. The odor has always been the same, a musty odor, maybe like a herb of some type and these experiences have happened at least three different locations, even different cities.


Time for training.  You are a smell seer.  You must find someone where you live to help you hone your gift.  Peace.  I can teach you, but I charge for my classes.  See if there is someone there.

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