About 15 years ago, my husband and I witnessed a fringed blanket lying on a couch. The fringes started to lift up and down on one corner as if to call him over. He walked over picked up the blanket as if to hold a child and the blanket took the form of a human body.  I know what I saw and I want to know if the entity was a ghost or a demon. I felt no fear but my husband was into satanic beliefs and I was a practicing wiccan at the time.


Greetings:  I understand your concern, but it was not a demon.  Unfortunately because of the rash of phony paranormal shows people get the wrong idea about metaphysical manifestation.  This sounds more like an apparition that was attached to the blanket and nothing else.  Had it been a spirit, there would have been other effects that went along with it.  Peace.

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