Hello, Ahura. I have the opposite of what most people ask: How do I GET the dead to talk to me? My boyfriend took his life in January, and ever since I’ve been to a medium twice and read a few books on how to open the mind up, wanting to contact him. I know fear is a major block for me. I’ve assumed the more scared I am (I’m afraid of everything), the more energy and possibilities I push away. I am also not really sensitive to life beyond the veil. A couple things have happened that I attribute to him (car lights randomly on, figures he gave me turned around, grandfather’s stopwatch starting around his death, etc.), as does his sister, but nothing much deeper. And he and I are Atheists, so I’ve never known what to believe in anyway. I want to push away my fears and pull my love closer to me, become more receptive. Do you have any advice? Should I stop trying so hard and just see what happens? Thank you kindly. -Aurora


Greetings Aurora: That takes training and extensive training to make sure that you are speaking to whom you call. I suggest not for now. What you should do is to find a good medium that will perform this for you. They are skilled in what to do, and this will put you at no risk. When you have some training under your belt then approach the throne of the dead. I know that you miss him but he is gone, and it is best that you do not allow your emotion and grief to send out a signal flare in the realm of the dead. You will more than likely get someone else. Find a teacher. Peace. Ahura Z.

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