I’m 18 years of age and all my life whenever alone i have not felt entirely alone, especially when i’m in the dark. When i was younger age 4 i had an imaginary friend named Norman which my parents will not talk to me about whenever i bring the subject up. My first memory is of myself crying in the dark begging for the light to be turned on as my parents would always turn the landing light off at night. I remember vividly asking Norman to turn the light on and it would happen. 14 years have passed and I’m starting to get the feeling Norman is around. I am a Manager of a pub and when i close down at night i always feel as if someone is behind me watching my every step and sometimes i can hear steps behind me. this keeps happening and just last week a member of my staff had a terrifying experience, of the lights in the building turning off and on by themselves and loud banging noises on the kitchen door almost as if someone was trying to break in or out. The member of staff was trying to contact me and claimed that his phone would not dial and it was suffering some kind of interference. He also tried using the land line but that was also acting up and he claimed to hear strange whispers on the phone as he was dialing. These things seem to be happening everywhere i go and i am often woken up by my name being whispered in my ear. At first i was not bothered by this as i thought Norman was trying to help me. But now i fear i have opened the door to wide and his influence has grown, and now i feel as if he is evil and wants nothing more than to torment me and the people around me. Even as i write this i feel as if his eyes are on me and my hands are having trouble typing and my head has began to hurt.

Am i mad or is this all real? I am afraid, and i sometimes feel as if he has control over me.

Kind Regards



Greetings:  Sorry for the delay.  This is not who you remember as your friend.  This is another entity posing as your friend.  My suggestion for you is to seek the help of an astral disconnector.  There should be someone that does this where you are.  You must refrain from doing anything that would make this entity believe that it is ok for it to be there.  You must let go of your childhood friend.  I know that there is a part of you that would like to have him back but it is this desire that is causing the imposter to be drawn to you. Write a letter to your friend Norman and tell him that you are saying goodbye to him, and release him to go to his next life.  This should abate the problem.  Let me know how it turns out.  Peace.

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