I think I may be psychic.  Can I learn how to enhance my psychic abilities?

I think that one of the biggest disservices that any psychic can do is to subject their intuitive ability to the judgment, and scrutinization of others.  Science likes to say that you need proof in this area, but you cannot ascertain the existence of that which is unconventional, by conventional means, or technology.  Even though science says that there are things that are five times hotter than the sun, they have never been there, and have no technology that can go there, but ask us to believe them in their theory.  All in all. When Scientists can give me proof of the temperature of the sun, I will prove that I’m a telepath…

Intuition does NOT fall under the jurisdiction of science, and never will as it is more spiritual than scientific, so to ask a person to confirm that they are a psychic is like asking Mozart to confirm that he was a musician. The only person that is capable of giving you a clear summation of your ability is another psychic, or telepath, and even then we will not tell you that you are psychic, we will merely give you ways to develop yourself so that you can reach your own conclusion.  In the psychic development classes that I teach, the focus is not on whether the person is psychic or not, but whether the subject has the ability to increase their potential. After a brief period the results are obvious.

By subjecting yourself to the “confirmation” of your potential gift you are practically begging for the opinion and subjugation of your self esteem by others.  It doesn’t matter that people think that psychic development classes are weird. Its your life, and your ability so go for it.  Oh! There is no such thing as an intuitive guess, but if you must test yourself, get a deck of playing cards. Shuffle them, and turn them face down. One by one see if you can guess the color of the cards, and then count how many you have guessed correct. Later see if you can “guess” the number, and the color. There’s a good start.

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