Can a person really contact spirits using a Ouija Board? If I think my house may be haunted will using a Ouija Board help me to talk with the spirits?


Well the truth is they will help you talk to the spirits. And someone who developed the Ouija Board knew that. It came off as being just a game. But the truth was that it was developed by the dark side of energy. And it was developed by the dark side of energy to release those entities trapped in the astral plane for violating a principle of life. Now, someone knew that it took a physical being in order to release a non-physical being from that particular place—there had to be an exchange. Now a Universal principle says that for everything that is given there must be an exchange. And if you are not the one that voices what the exchange will be or you don’t know what the exchange should be, the Universe itself based upon that particular principle will decide for you.

Now let’s take into consideration that you are dealing with an astral being, a being that you really don’t see, unless you are a telepath or have some level of psychism. That entity can take whatever shape it thinks that you want to see, even a relative. Why? Because you may not be able to read their minds, but they can read yours. Again, why? Because they are not limited to a physical form nor are they limited to physical principles—they are astral beings. This particular board enables you to speak with them and in some cases, form alliances or agreements with them. Which is why every person that has ever used a Ouija Board at length, has suffered some kind of trauma in their life. I cannot tell you how many times I have had to remove entities from a home, I have had to detach an entity from someone, or I have had to help them get rid of the neurosis that they have suffered because they decided to use a Ouija Board thinking that is was just a harmless game developed by Parker Brothers.

So, the truth is, yes you can contact spirits using a Ouija Board. But I guarantee you that 99.9% of the spirits that you contact, you don’t want to. So, here are my suggestions when you decide to use a Ouija Board—don’t. Run away. And if any of your friends decide they want to coerce you into using a Ouija Board, they are not your friends and you need to stand up and be vehement about your non-use of that particular product. It is just not good for you. I had to remove an entity from a young lady who got thrown across the room because she decided that it was cool to use a Ouija Board. She also suffered sickness, she didn’t feel well, she didn’t look well. And I removed that entity from her and gave her instructions: look, the next time you even see a picture of a Ouija Board, you need to run in the other direction.

So, listen to me, if you think your houses was haunted before, you use a Ouija Board, your house will be three times as haunted. Oh, and for those people that believe that using an Angel Board or a board that is called something other than a Ouija Board will not bring you the same results, you are merely kidding yourself. And I don’t care how airy-fairy you decide you want to be. Listen to me, a rose by any other name is still a rose, and I can say the exact same thing for an Ouija Board.

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