hi…i dont know where to start or cant beleive im actually doing this but i need help,strange things have been happening to me in my unit for a while now and it has reached the point where i cant take it,things have been found on the ground like my perfume bottles ect,lights go on and off,my kettle switches on and off constantly and its actually broken,i have wokeen up and felt like someone is choking me and also woken up where i feel someone is on top of me n i cant speak,i have woken up on the ground beside my bed and screamed,im quit instintictive and have seen alot and felt alot in my life but this is different,my prayerts arent working…its starting to affect my life so badly i dont want to talk to anyone or i get that anxious that i shake,my partner and i were in bed last night and prior to going to bed i had been shivering freezing cold n tears were in my eyes which usually indicate a pressence to me…this was different…i couldnt stop shivering and while we were in bed a heavy vase in the lounge room dropped,i saw black prints on a picture in my room and also on my light switch,i felt like i could hardly move or breathe and as i was dressing i could feel it around me and i was petrified…it doesnt even begin to explain it…i feel its not a ghost as such and am too scared to even type the word however i would really appreciate your advice and prayers or whatever you can offer me please…ive rung the church im that desperate,i slept at my partners house last night after it happened,he was too scared to stay with me also so offered to get me out of their and im still at his place now,i do not want to go back as i have never felt this type of thing before…i thank you for reading my email…gabrielle ūüôĀ


Greetings:  What you have there is a phantom and can be very dangerous.  My suggestion would be to listen to your partner and stay away.  Have someone like a moving company retrieve your things, but please do not go back alone.  I need to know if just before these events you perhaps were given or purchased something that was furniture or decorations that were used.
2.  Have you had a falling out with a previous love interest that ended badly?
3.  How long has this been going on.

I can help but you must calm down, and give me details.  If you would rather speak just give us a call.  Peace.

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