My family recently moved into a new house this past sumemer, and it seems that my room is haunted. Or so i thought, my boyfriend thinks that whatever it is, this thing is attached to my body or soul. I always see a little girl watching me over my bed, it gets to the point where i can physically feel someone standing over me. I thought it was my brother or boyfriend but they were both sleeping. When i looked towards the door there seemed to be a figure of a girl with pigtails. I dont know what this thing is but it scares me, i get the goose bumps all of the time and i always have to have my boyfriend sleep with me. It only appears in my room though, and i am the only one who has seen it. How can I know what it is, or what i can do to get rid of it.



Greetings Kayla.  One thing that you can do is the simplest, and that is to change rooms.
Another is to have an experienced person come to your home and cleanse it.  They will have to banish the spirit, and then seal the room, and house against it.  It is not attached to your souls as nothing can do that.  There are rules that even the spirit world must abide by.
As for the little girl, the questions that I have for you are too personal to ask on this forum, but you can get rid of the other spirit with a simple banishment and cleansing.  This must be done by a person that is not a medium, but an exorcist, or house blessing agent.  If I know where you live perhaps I can lead you to one, or do it myself  Peace.

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