Although I know people are often warned about the use of a ouija board, my partner and I still wanted to see if we may experience anything for ourselves. The first time we used it, nothing happened with the board so we left it on the kitchen table and decided to occupy our time with something else. I went in to the kitchen to refill a glass (before you inquire neither one of us were drinking alcohol at any time during this day/night) I was already using and I never did set it down nor did I bump  it on anything. after pouring milk I lifted up to get a drink not paying attention and was confused as to why I wasn’t getting anything. My partner had her eyes on me as this moment and it all seemed to happen in slow motion but the bottom of the glass had just broke off and hit the floor along with milk. We both stood for a second stunned. The glass I was using was a very thick ed hardy glass and when we examined both pieces there were no cracks or missing pieces. We could put both pieces together perfectly and it was completely smooth as if someone had taken a sword and sliced it perfectly. It was even sharp and did cut me when i felt the edge. We decided to leave the board alone for many weeks and had unusual noises for 1 week after the occurrence. But we asked whatever it was to stop and go away. Well just recently we pulled the board out again and tried to leave it in the same spot in the kitchen to see if anything happened. Again as I was getting a coffee cup the handle breaks perfectly where you could put both pieces back like a puzzle. This happened twice to me, cutting me twice, and there was no reason for either glass to break since it was thick glass and never exposed to the heating of a dishwasher to clean. Does it mean anything or is it purely coincidence?



Hello Nic:  The Ouija is one of the most dangerous tools ever invented, and no I don’t think that it was a coincidence that you cut yourself.  You explained that you have heard that it is dangerous yet you still decided that it was a good idea to use it.  That sounds strangely to me like “well.  It could never happen to me”,  Please stay away from the board and it is my recommendation that you dispose of it as soon as possible.  If you suffer more incidences please let me know.  I will be more than happy to help.  I run a school so it is not always convenient for me to answer quickly, but I do answer.  That being said, I hope you will not make a habit of testing fate.  Peace.

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