Hi, I need some help, I keep on getting phonies to try to help, but I need REAL help. Well, I had lived in an apartment in Ohio. For the first 2 years, everything was fine. Then, I started feeling depressed for no reason, and I was failing school. Then I started to realize that there were scratches on my back. There were only 3 lines on each set. I had a medium come in and read the house and she felt something strange and contacted an exorcist come cleanse the house. I moved 4 years later, and it is happening again, but this time it is worse. The scratches, and now there are weird outlines sometimes in the house in the living room. What should I do? Did it follow me for some reason? Please help me.


Greetings:  It sounds like it did follow you.  Listen.  Calling a medium won’t help you as mediums are not equipped to deal with malevolent entities.  This particular entity waited for you to move out of the house that got cleansed and you did.  Now you must have the house where you live cleansed again, and this time you must learn how to do it yourself.  It does not take a priest to banish, and seal an entity out of a home, just knowledge.  You must be willing to learn, and commit your life to combating these things, and master yourself.  Fear will only feed it, and frustration will make it stronger.  Calm yourself.  Keep a white candle lit when you sleep, and read Psalms 71, and 91 out loud.  Memorize them.  The entity is female in nature, and has somewhat against you.  You must cleanse yourself, so.  The only thing that I want you to drink is water for the next 9 days, and you must only use salt and pepper in your food.  You may eat beef, but it must be un seasoned, and cooked well.  Do NOT sit on your bed with the same clothes as you wear out and about, and make sure that you are bathing as soon as you get home from work.  This will weaken and hold on you.  You must keep an exorcise regiment of at least 45 min. a day for the next 3 months.  Now.  If we are in agreement on this I can help you further.  You asked for real help, it is here.  Peace.

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