About a week ago is when this event took place. I was up all night, after sleeping all day due to a shift in my work schedule. I do have a cat but she was sleeping the whole night along with my roommate, at any rate the scratches were too wide apart to have been from my cat. I went and took a shower and when I finished I was drying off and I redressed. I then noticed three scratches had appeared on my right arm, but they didn’t appear to have broken skin. They must have appeared around the moment that I looked at my right arm because there was deep redness as if it had just happened. I then had a terrible stinging/burning sensation from the scratches that lasted even after I had fallen asleep and awakened from slumber later that day. I took a photo on my phone at that moment so I could show others in hopes that it could be explained. I’ve attached the photo to this message so you can view it. I know how most would explain this: “You could’ve scratched yourself on anything.” My answer to that would be that I would’ve felt it. For one thing I’m quite vain so I inspect my body several times a day. For another, I know what it feels like and what happens when I scratch myself or when I’m being scratched, as I don’t enjoy it. The redness fades soon after and even when I put force into scratching I don’t break or mark my skin and when my cat has accidentally scratched me I’ve reacted quickly to it and definitely took note of it.

Anyhow, the next day the scratches were there and still tingling a little and then I noticed blood in them, as if they had opened up in some areas. It was just a tiny amount, like little bits of blood not even leaking.

Spiritually, I’ve always been one to believe in Spirit guides and that mine protects me divinely, so I was quite shocked to discover this, especially since I’ve always been skeptical on the idea of such events happening. Perhaps because nothing like this had ever occurred to me or anyone I knew personally. I’m not sure what to take away from this experience. While at the time this did shock me, after a while I felt that I shouldn’t allow such a thing to intimidate me, that I should stand my ground and show that my spirit is far more powerful than whatever it is. Anyhow, any advice or help that you can offer is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.

Good Fortune,



Wow.  Those are some pretty blatant scratches.  Listen.  Whatever did these can be warded off with a simple step.  In your food over the next 7 days I want you to include garlic, lemon, and a liquid mineral that has silver oxide in it (colloidial silver).  This should be easy to find as most whole foods markets carry them. This should stop the abusive episodes.  Let me know how this turns out.
Peace.   Ahura Z.

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