Im am writing in regards to my 3yr old son. This past yr he has been telling us he is afraid of “the shadows”. A few nites ago he was hysterical and wanted the scary shadows to go away. He says he see’s dark shadows and light shadows. The dark ones dont talk to him but the “light” ones do. The dark shadows look like big scary men he says. I am a huge believer in the spirit world and do not want to dissmiss this with out trying to find out whats happening. He does not want the “light” shadows to leave….just the dark ones. I am not to sure how to go about things and would like to know if the dark shadows are maybe a male family member that has passed who he would not reconize. Help!


Greetings:  The first thing that we need to do is calm down.  Your son is in no danger.  These entities are all around us all the time.  It is more to the point that your son has the gift of seeing them.  The light ones are more than likely familiar to him.  The dark ones are not relatives but passers through.  Keep a night light in your sons room, an LED light is the best as it actually disburses astral energy.  Sounds almost too simple but it works.  Try this and let me know if  still sees the dark ones.  Peace.
Ahura Z.


Thanks for replying so fast! The first prob is that my son sleeps with ALL his light on. Im not to sure if a led night light would work. I will put one in his room anyways. We told the dark shadows to leave him alone as they were scaring him and it seems to have work for now. We also had him tell them to go away to. Now he is asking why the light shadows dont come, as he says they are his friends.


Hi Aimee:  The light ones will come back after a time, but for now it is better that neither show up.  As parent you have both physical, and spiritual jurisdiction over what happens to your son, so it is you that will decide whether or not they can come.  There is a lot that goes into this dynamic so if you have questions I will be happy to answer them.  Please call me this week.  Peace.  Ahura Z.

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